Smart Game Server Hosting!

AmaraHosting is a reliable hosting provider known for its excellent services in hosting game servers. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a commitment to performance,

We ensures that gamers experience smooth and lag-free gameplay.

Our Minecraft Test Server:

Why Choose Us?

Fast Servers

We use the highest quality hardware on our 10.000MB Network, Cool right?

Eco Friendly

All of our servers are powered by solar energy, with cutting-edge and environmentally conscious!

Easy Going

Our products come with a super simple and neat control panel full of functions, but with the clarity intact.

DDos Protection

To experience a DDoS attack is the worst, but all our servers come with effective DDoS protection, ensuring you are safeguarded against such attacks.

Wide range of Game Servers

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Speed is everything

We use 10.000MB internet on our server farms! Lag Free and Fast.

The Dashboard

we use our custom Game Server Dashboard, that have all the tools you could ask for! You can also sell ‘In Game Items’ with your own customized Website or use our Plugins to advance your server!
Everything you need in one place!

Under Construction

Please keep in mind: we are still developing

Amara Hosting